Daily Learning and Living

In the Unconditional Love of Jesus Christ




     Current Events


Nov. 4...  Women's Bible Study 7pm at church

Nov. 6...  Confirmation Class 7pm at church

Nov. 8...  Mainspring Outreach - Food for Homeless

Nov. 10...  Church Council Meeting

Nov. 26...  Soup and Supper from 6:15-7:15 Thanksgiving Eve Worship Service 7:30pm



Devotional Thought of the Week 

"Look at him!  A glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners!"

Matthew 11: 19

Isn't it wonderful that Jesus was criticized for being "a friend of sinners?"  That was a title He held as a badge of honor.  Remember this week that Jesus is our friend who listens, who is with us in good and bad times, and who love us unconditionally providing forgiveness by His death on the cross... that's a real friend!



Weekly Worship


Sunday 8:30AM - 9:40AM

Childcare Provided

Coffee Hour after Worship

Bible Study 10:00AM - 10:40AM (For Adults and Children)