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Public Lecture: "Cults in America today"

Special Guest Speaker:  Reverend George Mather


How can you know that cults like Mormonism and Jehovah's Witness are not true Christian belief systems? What are effective ways to have discussions about faith with people involved in cults? Rev. Mather is a popular lecturer and an academic best selling author on cults, sects,  world religions and the occult. He wrote "The Encyclopedic Dictionary of cults, Sects, and World Religion" (Zondervan). He has been an expert witness for crimes involving the occult. He also has counseled individuals and family members from high profile cases such as David Karesh and the Branch Davidians, Jeffrey Dahmer, (the cannibal), son of Sam (David Berkovitz and Jim Jones's of People's Temple.


Don't miss this opportunity to learn how to better share the love of Christ "with gentleness and respect."

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