Prayer and Praise Report:  

We are a praying church! Every week, we present a comprehensive list of our family and friends

who are in need of prayer and many other needs as well.

do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication

with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. Philippians 4:6

You can phone the church office or email us at or use the link on this site,

if you would like to submit a prayer request.

Praise and Thanksgiving:

For the birthday of Kay Bakeberg

Prayers of Compassion:

For Gudrun & the family of Norman Davis

For Martin & Arndt families, friends of the

Lantz', passing of 23 year old son, Michael

For the family of Sarah Mohn, friend of Kristina Lyttle

For the family of Bill Reagan, husband of friend of Ina Armstrong's

For Claudio Machado and his family on the

passing of his son, Carlos Eduardo, in Brazil

General Requests:

Tom, Sam McNulty, Haley Dwyer, Matthew Casa, CJ LoConte, Taylor Corkran, and

Jon Hollis, military

All Armed Forces Personnel and First Responders, safety

For the Persecuted Church

For all affected by natural disasters

For peace where there is unrest

Grazy Ferreira, healthy pregnancy

Juliana Cosmo, friend of Ferreira's,

healthy pregnancy

Sarah Wall, God's strength and guidance

Tom Madden, friend of Patty Owen, for

strength, guidance, and God's peace

Kim L'Italien, God's strength and guidance

Heather Ali, God's strength and guidance

Billy, Brianna and Chloe, Shirley

Wall's family, strength and guidance

Patrick Owen, God's strength and guidance

Dylan and Kailey Carlson, guidance

Health and/or Healing:

Bruce Bakeberg, severe COPD

Kevin MacDougall, recovery, wrist surgery

Marc MacDougall, recovery, back surgery

Jenn Dwyer, good health

Gudrun Davis, health and healing

Rosângela Lantz, healing of her eye

Helene Lundgren, broken foot

Sandy Sweetser, herniated disc, finger paralysis

Bill Sweetser, health and healing

George Mather, hip pain

Jennifer Gardner, Lyme disease

Alison Dillon, Pastor Lantz' sister, broken hip

Oscar Pereira, Rosângela's uncle, cancer treatment

 Rob Hendrickson, recovery from bowel surgery

Steve, friend of Donna C., broken hip and femur

Jean Dryer, friend of the Sweetser's, non

malignant brain tumor, health and healing

April Stoddard, cancer free, radiation treatment

Jim Darcy, good health

Carol Mulkern, health

Christine Chrzanowski, fractured tibia

Ron Chrzanowski, good health

A.J. Wall, health and peace, healing of knee

Daniel Roos, health

Chuck Lemke, recovery at home, hip surgery

Sharon Diffenbaugh, heart problems

Connor, Linda G.'s grandson, healing, asthma

David, Linda G.'s brother-in-law, rare cancer

Josh Curran, serious knee condition

Evelyn Obreza, home, good health

Bonnie Lane, recovery from foot surgery

Tina Jilg, comfort and strength

Eugene Jilg, God's healing for his eyesight

Brianna Lane, hospitalized

Lou Bertucci, Materna's son-in-law, healing

Ethan Levitt, Materna's grandson, health/healing

Christopher Malley, brother of Kristina Lyttle,

broken leg, dislocated ankle

Colleen Malley, sister in law of Kristina Lyttle,

treatment for reaction to chemotherapy

Duilio Roos, recovery from back surgery

Elizabeth Scherer, good health

Mattie Ali, knee replacement surgery/infection

Dave, Shirley Wall's uncle, hospice

John Lemke, nephew of Chuck & Gail,

severe spinal paralysis, deer/auto accident

Rafael Neto, brother of Bruna Squires,

spiritual guidance

Luke Ivaldi, friend of Marguerite Lee, leukemia

Maria Rossini, friend of Ferreira's, recovering

at home after stroke

Cory Lipomi, Kaete Setterland's friend, cancer

Beth Laurie, friend of Jo Koelsch, cancer

Courtney Brinkert, friend of Darcy’s, cancer

John Bolinski, Nora's father, stage IV brain

tumor (from Kate McDonald)

Bill Taylor, brother-in-law of Dave Losier, terminal cancer

Debby Lundgren, daughter of Helene, sister of Jenn Dwyer, heart problems

Timothy Lee, nerve damage

Edward Phillips, husband of Julia, treatment

for growth on lung, high blood pressure

Michael Lee, Marguerite & Tim's father,

COPD II, congested heart failure, dementia

Michelle Mott, friend of the McNulty family,

breast cancer treatment

Kirsten Ward, friend of Marguerite, cancer

Sophia Bongarzone, young daughter of friends

of the Squires, surgery to remove brain tumor

Rosemarie, Rose Silva's mom, good health

Jean Southall, health

Kelly Waterfield, recovery from surgery

Yvette Adams, kidney complications

Ben Lane, Donna Carlson's son, cirrhosis

Beth Laurie, friend of Jo Koelsch, cancer

Eric Schwartz, Jo Koelsch's son-in-law, cancer

Brody Jenkinson, age 10, Shirley Wall's

cousin's son, severe juvenile diabetes

Ana Lopes, mother of a friend of Jim Gardner,

terminal cancer

Brian Squires, severe headaches

Amelia Pires, Jessie McNulty's niece, healing

Linda Gambell, friend of Dottie Hayes, stroke

Chuck, Shirley Wall's son-in-law, back surgery

George Shanks, friend/Debby Lundgren, COPD

Armando Hauch, father of Juliana, health

Chuck Betters, brother in law of Carol Mulkern,

cancer in remission, undergoing radiation

Patrick Landis, paralyzed from plane crash

Chris Perry, friend of Silva's, brain injury

from serious fall

Beth Heyde, Costa's neighbor's daughter,

1st time Mom with stage 4 pancreatic cancer

Nicole Feroli, friend of Marguerite, healing

Donna Conners, mother of a friend of Nick

Squires, in need of liver donor and transplant