Prayer and Praise Report:  

We are a praying church! Every week, we present a comprehensive list of our family and friends

who are in need of prayer and many other needs as well.

do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication

with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. Philippians 4:6

You can phone the church office or email us at or use the link on this site,

if you would like to submit a prayer request.

Praise and Thanksgiving:

For the birthdays of Caroline Clyde, KathyMacDougall,

Thomas Maloney, Kyle McGivney, Ana Roos and Gabriel Squires

For the anniversaries of Fritz & Judy Koertje

and Janet & Frank Costa

For the birth of Anthony Thomas McNulty

Prayers of Compassion:

For the Sawatzky and Foley families on the death of Marylou Foley

For the family of Lenir Pereira Mendes, cousin of Rosangela Lantz

For the Berte and Mulkern families on the death of Al Berte, Carol's friend

For the Gerrior family, friends of the Squires,

on the loss of unborn twins

For the family of Marc Tarabocchia and

Stonehill College on his death at school

General Requests:

Tom, Sam McNulty, Haley Dwyer, military

All Armed Forces Personnel and First

Responders, safety

For our Nehemiah Challenge

For the Persecuted Church: Yemen

For all affected by natural disasters

For Sarah Wall help with various life issues

For Rosemarie Silva, citizen interview, 10/18

For Health and/or Healing:

Lou Bertucci, Materna's son-in-law, healing

Claudio Machado, abdominal pain

Daniel Roos, further testing

Cory Lipomi, Kaete Setterland's friend, cancer

Bruce Bakeberg, severe COPD

Pat Horgan, friend of Peg Manley,

recovering from brain surgery

Sandy Sweetser, recovery from Mohs surgery

Jenn Dwyer, good health

Geraldine Diemer, mother of Kris Hawley

lung disease, macular degeneration - health

Walter Engstrom, Daniel S.'s girlfriend,

Kayla's grandfather, recovery from surgery

Amelia Pires, Jessie McNulty's niece, healing

Ron & Christine Chrzanowski, good health

Gudrun Davis, rehab, for healing

Nicole Feroli, friend of Marguerite, healing

Chris Wise, complications-cataract surgery

Yvette Adams, kidney complications

Jim Collins, friend of Nick Squires, cancer

Kirsten Ward, friend of Marguerite, cancer

Bill Sweetser, good health

 Ron Carlson, stroke, early dementia

 Courtney Brinkert, friend of Darcy’s, cancer

Jennifer Mather, Lyme disease

 Grace, daughter of Jennifer Mather, Lyme   

George Mather, good health

 Rob Hendrickson, knee replacement, healing

Jean Dryer, friend of the Sweetser's, cancer

Jerry Muhern, friend of Jacksons, pancreatitis

Sharon Mather, healing after fall

Carol Mulkern, good health, Lyme

Stephen Lane, good health

Eric Schwartz, Jo Koelsch's son-in-law, cancer

Marguerite Lee, shoulder pain

Michael Lee, Marguerite & Tim's father, good health

Beth Laurie, friend of Jo Koelsch, cancer

Michelle Mott, friend of the McNulty family breast cancer treatment

Ben Lane, Donna Carlson's son, cirrhosis

Maria Rwatzkyssini, friend of Ferreira's, stroke

Sheila Ward, the Lindquist's friend, Parkinson's

Kathy Renna, friend of Patty Owen, surgery on nasal cavity, September 13

Connor, Linda G.'s grandson, healing, asthma

Evelyn Obreza, health/healing at home

Susan Koelsch, daughter-in-law of Jo, cancer

Dylan, friend of Declan, health

Rosemarie, Rosemarie Silva's mom, back surg.

Ron, Rosemarie Silva's Dad, recovering, stroke

Diane Waterfield, good health

 Wagna Gumes, well-being

Maddie McCoy, friend of Janet & Frank Costa,

11 yr. old with rare cancer, clinical trial in TX

Maryanne Dodge, friend of Marguerite, cancer

Barbara Stouffer, Daniel's grandmother from fall during transition to nursing home

John Stouffer, Daniel's grandfather, pain from

intestinal block

Alex Jackson, friend of Daniel Stouffer's injured while working out

Chuck Lemke, recovery after cataract surgery

Marc MacDougall, back pain

Bruna Schade, Grazy's niece, protection & God's peace

Virginia Lind, Carole Lindquist's mom, health

Elizabeth Scherer, good health

Brian Squires, severe headaches

Dylan and Kailey Carlson, guidance

William O'Neill, brother of Charlene Sawyer, good health

Maurine Lindquist, back pain

Vinicius, nephew of Richard & Ana, health

Sandy Lantz, Pastor's mother, recovery from knee surgery

Mary O'Neill, Charlene Sawyer's sister, good health

Iara Carvalho, good health

Juliana Schade, Grazy's sister, guidance & wisdom

Ana Lopes, mother of a friend of Jim Gardner, terminal cancer

Shirley Wall, recuperating at home

Our prayer list keeps growing! We thank God for a prayerful church and for all His wonderful miracles. With so many on our prayer list who are not members of the church, but friends and family of many of us, we ask that everyone please take a moment to review the list and supply the office with updates so that the list can be as current as possible. We would also like to have the opportunity to give thanks for those who have experienced God's healing power!


After leaving Islam recently and placing his faith in Christ, Khalid has faced several tests of his new faith. His wife left him, taking their two young children with her, and said she would return only if Khalid returned to Islam. And his three closest friends told him that news of his conversion had spread and he could be killed for rejecting Muhammad. Khalid faced the choice of remaining faithful to Christ and facing persecution or returning to a perceived safety in the form of a false religion. After much prayer, Khalid chose Jesus. He knows, however, that his life won’t be easy. His wife has returned to him, but she still urges him to follow Islam. Pray that Khalid will remain firm in his new faith and continue to grow through reading the Scriptures, praying and fellowshiping with other believers. Pray that his wife and two children will also come to know Jesus. Pray for the protection of Khalid and his family, and that his life will prompt others to seek Christ.