Prayer and Praise Report:  

We are a praying church! Every week, we present a comprehensive list of our family and friends

who are in need of prayer and many other needs as well.

do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication
with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.   Philippians 4:6

You can phone the church office or email us at or use the link on this site,

if you would like to submit a prayer request.


Praise and Thanksgiving:

For the birthdays of Tony Materna &

Makayla Michaels

For the anniversary of Nick and Bruna Squires

For the announcement of baby #2 coming to the Filippe & Iara Carvalho family

For all graduates

For Kevin, son-in-law of Deb Setterland, successful cancer treatments

For our New Members

General Requests:

Tom, Sam McNulty, Haley Dwyer, military

All Armed Forces Personnel and First Responders, safety

For the Persecuted Church: China

For Health and/or Healing: 

Cory Lipomi, Kaete Setterland's friend, cancer

Edivino Roos, father of Richard, hospitalized

Bruce Bakeberg, severe COPD

Pat Horgan, friend of Peg Manley, recovering from brain surgery

Traute Kohler, mother of Ulrike, recovery from heart surgery

Sandy Sweetser, nerve pain in neck & back

Jenn Dwyer, good health

Ron Lannigan, neighbor of Roos', cancer

Derks' family, friend of Sandy L., critical illness

Marc MacDougall, back pain

Mauro Tonon, Rosângela's brother-in-law, prostate cancer

Greg Wehrwein, brother of Gail Syriala, diabetes and improved health

Chuck Brown, Deb Brown's husband, health

Elizabeth Scherer, upcoming surgery

Joe MacFarlane, broken hand

Rick, Linda Giolito's brother, eye surgery

Sandi Schipul, hip replacement surgery

Dylan, friend of Declan's, health

Bonnie Lane, eye surgery, June 12th

Gudrun Davis, rehab, for healing

Nicole Feroli, friend of Marguerite, healing

Madeline Chick, friend of Julia P., healing

Chris Wise, complications-cataract surgery

Yvette Adams, kidney complications

Jim Collins, friend of Nick Squires, cancer

Kirsten Ward, friend of Marguerite, cancer

Lionel, Nick Squires' friend, cancer

 Bill Sweetser, good health

 Ron Carlson, stroke, early dementia

 Courtney Brinkert, friend of Darcy’s, cancer

Jennifer Mather, Lyme disease

 Grace, daughter of Jennifer Mather, Lyme   

Gail Lemke, good health

 Florence Hill, Dottie Hayes’ friend, confusion

 Rob Hendrickson, health and healing

Jean Dryer, friend of the Sweetser's, cancer

România Pittelkow, healing, ongoing treatment

Carol Mulkern, good health

Stephen Lane, good health

Eric Schwartz, Jo Koelsch's son-in-law, cancer

Debbie, sister of Deb Setterland, hospice

Michael Lee, Marguerite & Tim's father, health

Matthew Lindquist, friend of Julia P., stroke

Bob Gagnon Sr., friend of Sandy & Bill, cancer

Marylou Foley, friend of Lindquist's, cancer

Daniel Roos, good health

Sheila Ward, the Lindquist's friend, Parkinson's

Al Berte, friend of Carol's, recovery, surgeries

Connor, Linda G.'s grandson, healing, asthma

Evelyn Obreza, health and healing

Susan Koelsch, daughter-in-law of Jo, cancer

John Kaczorowski, health

Rosemarie, Rosemarie Silva's mom, back surg.

Ron, Rosemarie Silva's Dad, recovering, stroke

Jason Horner, nephew of Tracy W., cancer

Diane Waterfield, good health

Jenna, friend of Kate M., health unborn baby

Dylan and Kailey Carlson, guidance

William O'Neill, brother of Charlene Sawyer, early stages of dementia