By God’s grace, we are planning our third mission trip in Brazil.  The objective is to help support a local Brazilian pastor and his congregation serving in a very poor community.  (Canoas, Rio Grande do Sul)  As in past years, we will also be working with three large elementary schools and one foster care facility.  

Nine members of our congregation including Pastor Lantz will be traveling to Porto Alegre, Brazil from August 3- 12 to work with some of the poorest families in Brazil  Our mission team will partner with a Brazilian pastor who has dedicated his life to assist families living in at risk situations.  The team will also be working with a Brazilian elementary school principal that works with 2,500 school children living in poverty.

The mission is called Project Moses because Moses led people out of slavery and into a promised land of freedom.  Likewise, our team works to encourage, inspire and provide resources for the Brazilians who are working in these desperate circumstance every day of the year. 

We are inviting you to be a part of this short-term mission. We are called to go and work, but we can’t expect to make a real difference on our own.  Would you consider helping in two ways? First to pray for God’s blessing as we share the peace of Jesus. Second, we also need financial support to help cover travel expenses and provide necessary mission resources for the Brazilians.  If you desire to offer a financial contribution, you can do so by writing a check payable to Lutheran Church of the Cross memo Project Moses  - or you can donate here on-line to our Paypal account!

Thank you very much for considering being part of this mission activity to help provider God’s abundant care to some of the poorest families in Brazil!